Party Pics® - roving photographer - Starting at $150 an hour

Our photographers come dressed for your event. We can wear anything from our signature BRIGHT yellow Party Pic shirts to formal wear. One hour minimum required. There are discounts for multiple hours or photographers. Book early for holidays!
Sample discount for multi-hour roving photographer service:
2 hours - $250.00 save 17%
3 hours - $350.00 save 22%
4 hours - $400.00 save 33%

Photos for attendees

Photos are posted online for purchase and can be provided to attendees in the form of a pre-paid gift certificate or photo voucher. This allows attendees to select their own photo online. Quantity discounts may apply for bulk, pre-orders.

Viewing Photos

For large events where the event organizer does not have contact information for all of the attendees, Party Pics can collect email address for the event organizer. We use these addresses to email attendees a link to photos. We can also provide these email addresses to the event organizer. If your event organizer has a list of email addresses for attendees, we could use that list to email a link to the photos. Password protection- we can offer password protection for your event to help safeguard photos.
Ask about our add ons: Projection, Event Portraits, Select a Scene, Party Pics NOW, Jump Studio or Photo Booth

Greek organizations

Party Pics is licensed to offer your event & group photography services and products.