Jump Studio - $800 for 4 hours

How is the Jump Studio different from a Photo booth?
Our Jump Studio is an open-air photo booth. It is different from a traditional photo booth in that it is perfect for large groups of friends or co-workers. The Jump Studio takes full length pictures so it can capture action shots like jumping, making pyramids, dancing and more!
How it works...the Jump Studio has a self-timer (with a fun countdown screen) that takes a photo every 5 seconds. Each photo "session" takes 5 photos and can be started again with the push of a button. The Jump Studio can be set up with a white or green background. Party Pics can offer a custom digital background created just for your event when you use the green screen version of our Jump Studio.
The Jump Studio has 10'x10' footprint, a 10' backdrop, comes with an attendant and props.