Event Portaits - Starting at $175 an hour

This service is perfect for Corporate, School and Private events. We provide the photographer, studio lights and a choice of backdrop. Select from white, muslin or a green screen background. For events selecting green screen you can request a custom digital background be created for your event. We also have 100s of backgrounds your guests can select from on our website to create fun or formal photos!

The amount of photos we are able to take with one background set-up depends on the following: the number of people in each photo, the age of attendees, the promotion of this service, if orders or data are being collected during the process. For a formal event where couples are being photographed we are typically able to photograph 1-2 couples per minute.

Discounts may apply for additional set-ups or services.

Viewing Photos

For portrait set-ups we can track who is photographed and match the attendee name and email address to the photos they take. This allows us to send out links to view ONLY the photos they are in. We call this a personal gallery. This may not be necessary for all events so we can also place portraits online with Party Pics taken at your event. See the Party Pics section for more photo viewing details.
Ask about our add ons: Projection, Event Portraits, Select a Scene, Party Pics NOW, Jump Studio or Photo Booth